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Congolese Coffee Overview

Cup Score:  86 Points - Outstanding 

The DRC is an enormous coffee-producing country situated in the middle of Africa. Covering more than 1.4 million square miles, it’s the second-largest country in Africa by size and is home to nearly 80 million people. So much is changing and evolving in coffee, yet only a few groups in the DRC understand international coffee standards, roasting, cupping, or running a lab. Building and investing in human capacity is vital for the Congolese coffee movement. 

Enter the SOPACDI (short for Solidarite Paysanne la Promotion de Actions Cafe et Development Integras) Co-op is located in the Lake Kivu region of Eastern Congo.  SOPACDI was founded in 2002 as organization intended to on unifying the diverese ethnic groups living in Eastern Congo. Over 5600 farmers in the region banded together form the Co-op to share resources and overcome the economic and political hardships.

Farm Level:
Grown in small communities in the highlands surrounding Lake Kivu, the Sopacdi Cooperative has served as source of reunification after years of civil war.  Their hard work has earned their coffee the top national grade in the DRC.

Lot: Sopacdi Cooperative, Lake Kivu
Certification: Fair Trade, Organic
Roast:  Medium

Primary Descriptors:
This Congolese Coffee is rich, with brown sugar sweetness, savory, great acidity, citrus, and creamy mouthfeel.

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