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Costa Rican Coffee Overview:

Cup Score: 86 Points - Outstanding

Costa Rica is a country of more than 50,000 coffee farmers, with 90 percent of them having small farms of less than five hectares. Costa Rica sends more than 60 percent of its coffee to specialty coffee roasters around the world. Costa Rica is celebrating 200 years of coffee production and, at the same time, experiencing a little revolution in production and quality that has excited the palates of coffee buyers and consumers alike. This revolution is taking place in the form of micro-lots of coffee, sometimes 50–100 bags, which have been meticulously tended, picked and processed by farmers with small plots of land. 

Farm Level: 
From our friends at La Montaña Tarrazu Micromill in Santa Maria Dota, this Costa Rican coffee embodies the care and attention to detail that brings out the best in the coffees from the Valley of "Los Santos" region.  This agricultral zone has perfected for decades the art of growing and produciing a coffee that is considered one of the best int he world.

Lot: Finca San Luis - El Tanque
Certification: Fair Trade Organic
Roast:  Medium - Medium/Dark

Primary Descriptors:
This coffee is sweet, balanced with chocolate and toffee, floral, cherry and cocoa. Excellent example of a high altitude, Costa Rican coffee


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