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ORGANIC Colombian Coffee



You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather. 

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Coffee Beans - Organic Congo Coffee



Leonela and Alberto own a single estate nanolot from Northern Tolima. For almost 30 years, this couple of caficultores have produced the best coffee in Agua de Dios township. Knowing that the key for quality lies within special care to each step of the process, they start from germinating new seedlings of selected trees in their own crops. And, of course, they follow the same precise protocols of processing. Going beyond their traditional craft, for 2017 harvest Doña Leonela and Don Alberto decided to selectively pick their varietals, adjust their processing and created this particular nanolot.

Enjoy coffee that is good - and does good.  What's in your cup matters.

Don Cox Bald Guy Brew

Don Cox - Coffee Roaster Extraoridnaire

Cupping Notes:  
Cup Score: 85 points
Type: Single Origin 
Roast:  Medium
Primary Descriptors: 
Tangerine peel fragrance with a hint of cinnamon, medium body with a refreshing finish.  Basmati rice, nuts, toast.