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Organic Congo Coffee

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Coffee Beans - Organic Congo Coffee


Over 5600 farmers produce some of the finest coffee in Africa. After years of conflict and civil war, their Fairtrade-certified coffee promotes a better future.

Enjoy coffee that is good - and does good.  What's in your cup matters.

Don Cox Bald Guy Brew

Don Cox - Coffee Roaster Extraoridnaire

Cupping Notes:  
Certification: Fair Trade, Organic
Cup Score: 87 points.
Roast:  Medium

Primary Descriptors:
Raisin, coffee cherry, tomato, savory, caramel, balanced and lively.

Coffee Origins

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Sorting Congo Coffee

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has suffered historically from that perfect blend of abundant natural resources and a stifling lack of stability and infrastructure. Its nationalized coffee industry exploded for about two decades, and then war broke out in the 1990s, screeching production to a near standstill.

Arabica Beans Making a Comeback

Coffee robusta, a typically more bitter bean, still abounds in the DRC, but coffee growers in the eastern part of the country (particularly Kivu and North Kivu provinces) have made a valiant recovery, even if in relatively small numbers, in the production of high quality Arabica beans on smallholder farms.

Most of the high-quality Arabica coming out of DRC originates on a long sliver of border communities in Kivu and North Kivu where nutrient-rich soil, optimal temperatures, and ideal altitudes provide just the right mix for yields that specialty coffee roasters can write home about.

Africa's Finest Coffee

About 5,600 coffee growers produce some of Africa’s finest crop on mostly small plots of land where they are able to devote the care necessary in planting, harvest, and washing to help establish and maintain the integrity of the beans.

Through Fair Trade cooperatives, farmers also are finding an enthusiastic market willing to pay the price for an exceptional product, including the Organic Congo coffee we roast at Bald Guy.