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Organic Guatemalan Coffee

Organic Guatemalan Coffee - Whole Beans or Ground

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Eighty percent of ACODIHUE's cooperative coffee comes from indigenous women producers and growers in the mountainous territory of Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango. Manos de Mujer ('Women's Hands') is a certification that acknowledges the work of the "Awal Nan" women for growing excellent coffee as well as supporting their communities.

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Don Cox Bald Guy Brew

Don Cox - Coffee Roaster Extraoridnaire
Cupping Notes:  
Cup Score: 87 points. 
Primary Descriptors: Rustic sweetness, berries.
Roast:  Medium
This single origin Guatemalan coffee delivers a rustic sweetness (honey, sugar cane) joined by fruit (berries-strawberry, raspberry, red grape), a juicy mouthfeel, and long finish.

Coffee Origins

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Guatemalan Coffee Roots

Arabica Coffee trees first arrived in Guatemala in the 1750s amid the belongings of Jesuit missionaries who’d brought them as beautiful ornamental plants for monasteries in Antigua. By 1880 coffee was Guatemala’s top export after the formation of the Commission for Coffee Cultivation and Production and the distribution of more than a million coffee seeds throughout the country’s coffee growing regions.

Despite a nearly three century history with coffee that has sparked government land grabs, government coups, and the ever-present threat of leaf rust, Guatemala has emerged as a source of surprising variety in its product.

Coffee Regions

Guatemala has eight coffee growing regions--San Marco, Acatenango, Atitlan, Coban, Nuevo Oriente Huehuetenango, Fraijanes and, of course, Antigua--ranging in elevation from 4,300 to 6,600 feet and each producing its own range of flavors, thanks in part to the their rich soils and microclimates.

Some estimates rank Guatemala in the top five producers of high grade coffee in the world, with a high percentage of its crop considered “high quality”--an enviable distinction every specialty roaster seeks in their beans. It’s no wonder that half its coffee exports go to U.S. coffee roasters and that the crop represents a large part of Guatemala's annual revenue.

So as you might imagine, the complexity of the coffee industry in Guatemala doesn’t only extend to the flavor notes found in its beans. The growers there also live in complex, or, rather, complicated circumstances.

Supporting Women Growers

Bald Guy works with a coffee cooperative known as ACODIHUE (Huehuetenango Integral Development Cooperation Association), a Fair Trade organization that seeks to protect coffee growers working in Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region. Women represent more than 80 percent of growers in this part of the country, working in the mountainous territory of Cuchumatan. The beautifully named “Manos de Mujer” (Women's Hands) is a certification that acknowledges the work of the "Awal Nan" women for growing excellent coffee as well as supporting their communities.