Colombia Coffee June Gift Set

Bald Guy Brew Coffee Roasting Co.


A unique offering of washed, honeyed, and peaberry coffees from Colombia by our friend Herbert at 575 Café in Casabianca, Colombia.

A couple years ago, Herbert was called to take over his family's coffee business. He says "my goal is to make coffee in Colombia special again" and is doing this by building producer-consumer relationships and redefining roasting at origin. 

575 Café is named after the farm's coordinates, inspired by the idea that no two places are the same. As one of the few caficultores growing and roasting at origin, Herbert is very proud of his coffee and takes great care to ensure that his coffees are of high quality. 

At Bald Guy, we stand by Herbert's desire to make coffee in Colombia special again, and are proud to showcase his coffees that are both balanced and complex. 

In this gift package...

Washed from Leonela & Alberto

According to Herbert from 575 Café (and we agree): tangerine peel fragrance with a hint of cinnamon. On palate, has medium body with ripe orange acidity; stands out for its clean cup, spicy finish and Orange Pekoe aftertaste when cold.

Leonela and Alberto own a single estate nanolot from Northern Tolima. For almost 30 years, this couple of caficultores have produced the best coffee in Agua de Dios township. Knowing that the key for quality lies within special care to each step of the process, they start from germinating new seedlings of selected trees in their own crops. And, of course, they follow the same precise protocols of processing. Going beyond their traditional craft, for 2017 harvest Doña Leonela and Don Alberto decided to selectively pick their varietals, adjust their processing and created this particular nanolot.

Washed process: each varietal is harvested separately by hand; in-cherry 12 hours fermentation. Machine depulped. Fermented for up to 48 hours, thoroughly washed. Shade dried for the first stage with 100% sun drying finish in parabolic. Screen size 14 to 18.

Honeyed from El Edén

According to Herbert at 575 Café (and we agree): this heavy-bodied coffee gives off an aroma of shredded tobacco and passionflower, holds a passionflower acidity and milk chocolate flavor, and a ginger and bourbon-like aftertaste.

This is a modification of El Edén’s first signature process, the original semi-washed, which was recognized for its poor quality. El Edén experimented with different semi-washed processes to find the right balance between fermentation, quantity of mucilage, and type of drying for a balanced yet complex cup. This coffee is smooth with lots of character that changes under every brewing method.

Honeyed Process: Overripe picking, hand-sorted by color, fermented in-cherry for 60 hours, machine depulped, fermented for 24 hours, three stages of drying, up to 6 weeks curing in GrainPro bags.

Peaberry from 575 Café

According to Herbert at 575 Café (and we agree): this cup gives off a cane sugar sweetness in the aroma with soothing notes of cacao and walnuts finished with a bouquet of citrus notes.

This Colombian Peaberry was harvested from a newly organized growing cooperative composing of 16 small farms in Northern Narino.  The Peaberry, is a result of a genetic alteration of a coffee bean in which the coffee cherry has only one seed inside. Due to its small size and compact nature, this coffee requires great care in the roasting process to bring out the beauty of this popular hybrid.

See this video for more information about the honey process from Herbert himself:

Why the discount?   We are offering a discount on this coffee to introduce 575 Café and highlight Herbert’s careful work in post harvest technology.  We have made a commitment to Herbert and his friends, and can’t think of a better way to showcase his coffee from Colombia during the month of June.