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A unique offering of El Salvador coffee, a country where coffee is struggling to survive, features two coffees with different processing:  one washed and one honeyed processed.

Due to the small quantities from both farms, there are only 100 boxes available.  Each Box will have two -10 oz bags with free shipping.  Your El Salvador coffee will be roasted, packed and shipped on February 09.


Finca Nueva Esperanza - Washed

Rustic sweetness, creamy mouthfeel, hints of chocolate, lime, and cacao with a nice citric acidity and smooth finish.

The first coffee, is a Washed process of Pacas, which is picked ripe, depulped, and fermented dry for 14–18 hours before being washed and laid out on raised beds to dry.

José Francisco Recinos grows Pacamara and Pacas on 1.5 manzanas of farmland, about 4,500 trees total, with just 28–35 quintales of production every year. His El Salvador coffee have won the Salvadoran Cup of Excellence compeition in the past.

Finca La Golondrina - Honeyed

Hints of berries, cacao nibs, and lime, with rich caramel sweetness results in a heavy mouthfeel with a lingering finish.

La Golondrina is 2 years old, and Jairo works with his brother Isaac (of Finca El Plan) to pick the coffee ripe, depulp it, and dry it on raised beds as a Honey for around 20 days, depending on the weather. Jairo and Isaac have learned the Honey process together, and the drying happens at Isaac's farm. Jairo is in the process of expanding with another manzana of Pacamara trees. 

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