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SCA Coffee Skills Program

The SCA Coffee Skills Program is designed to help develop your passion and sharpen your skills in various aspects of the coffee industry. Each course is taught by an SCA certified instructor at an SCA Premier Training Campus. At the Blue Ridge Campus in Boone, NC, the following courses are available:

SCA - Introduction to Coffee - Course 1
SCA - Green Coffee Basics - Course - 2
SCA - Coffee Sensory Basics - Course - 3

Learn about coffee's journey from it's origin in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today. From growing the cherries, through grading, roasting, and brewing, this course provides an overview of the supply chain of coffee.

Learn about the key concepts surrounding green coffee including production, processing, grading, shipping, storage, arrival at destination, as well as coffee contracts and portfolio management.

Learn about the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive manner. Sensory Skills investigates the way we perceive what we taste, how to evaluate coffee’s natural characteristics, and implementing this knowledge in business.

SCA - Roasting Foundations - How to Roast Coffee - Course - 4
SCA - Coffee Roasting Intermediate - Advanced Coffee Roasting Course - 5
SCA - Roasting Professional - How to Roast Coffee for Roasters - Coffee Shop Owners - Professionals - Course 6

Learn about the roasting process, including roast cycle, roast levels, identifying defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, as well as workspace management and lean production.

Roasting Foundations provides a glimpse into the roasting process and can help you determine if you would like to learn more about this aspect of coffee. No experience required at the foundation level. Classes often take one day.

Roasting Intermediate is designed for those who have a firm grasp on basic roasting skills. Experience working in the field is recommended at the intermediate level. Classes often take two days.

Roasting Professional is suitable for those who want to pursue specialist knowledge of roasting at a high level. Success at this level should indicate to employers competence to work in the field. Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level and students must complete the intermediate course prior. Classes are expected to take a minimum of 3 days.