Re-defining ethically sourced coffee


Rooted in North Carolina's High Country, Bald Guy Brew has a mission to empower coffee growers, working directly with the hands that make your morning cup-o-don possible. We have a vision for a world where all goods are truly ethically sourced, where no human is enslaved to labor, where justice holds every business decision.

We believe that changing the world begins with coffee.


Featured Roast

El Cafe de Colombia:  La granja

Granja La Esperanza is a group of six farms in El Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca owned by the Herrera Family. The farms have a huge variety of different cultivars, all of which mature at different times, which makes harvesting at La Esperanza a year-long endeavor. This shipment was grown at the La Esperanza & Potosí farms and processed using the washed process method.

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