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Crop to Cup: Done Different - Done Right

Bald Guy Brew has a mission to empower coffee growers through a focused approach of integrating sustainability and profitability throughout the supply chain of coffee.

Join us in Blowing Rock and Boone, North Carolina to experience our labor of love!

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Experience BGB 828:  A common place for common folk, with uncommon coffee!



Shop Specialty Coffees from around the world to satisfy your morning ritual.



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Blog Posts


April 06, 2020

What is decaf coffee? 

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Fair Trade Utz Bird Friendly Coffee Certifications Organic Rain Forest

July 02, 2019

What Are the Social and Environmental Impacts of Organic Coffee?

Coffee consumption and sales are rapidly expanding. As the globalization of coffee continues to spread, consumers and corporationsfalse

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Fair Trade Utz Bird Friendly Coffee Certifications Organic Rain Forest

July 02, 2019

When drinking a hot cup of coffee every morning, it's easy to forget that the beans you just brewed were carefully grown and hand-selected before arriving to you. By purchasing certified coffee,false

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Coffee 101

July 27, 2018

When it comes to fresh coffee, there is only so much we as roasters can do to ensure the quality and integrity of the coffee.  For roasters, there is passion and precision in the process offalse

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The sense of community surrounding BGB, and the attention to detail is something that sets BGB apart from the rest. I still haven't found a better cup of coffee or better service.

Rachiel Musumarra

The owner is a real character and I enjoy my time with him and his crew.   He has taught me to taste and appreciate the subtle nuances of different origins. 

William Schiebel

I buy from BGB for several reasons.  One is that I know it is sustainable and the environment is considered important. Another is that it simply tastes good...better than any other coffee I tried.

Collis Nelson


I try my best to respond to every email within one business day...except if I've gone camping!